Stone repair mortar

Natural stone repair mortar for sandstone and limestone masonry repairs. As stone masonry contractors our stonemasons use this repair material in our own commercial projects. It is also ideal for DIY stone repairs to garden walls, stone lintels, window cills and jambs, garden ornaments and stone fireplaces.

This specialist stone repair material is specially premixed to british standards under heritage guidelines for historic stone masonry repair. It is available in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg containers complete with technical support and instructions on how to mix it and how to repair the stone.

The repair mortar is a blend of natural minerals and aggregates in a natural hydraulic lime binder. It contains no cement therefore the material is totally breathable (vapour permeable).

The mortar is premixed to be suitable with most general sandstone and limestone masonry. We can arrange to manufacture the mortar to match specific stone masonry at additional cost if you supply us with a sample. The aggregates or mineral content will be varied to match the texture and colour of the stone sample you provide.


If you would like advice about stone repair mortar or your have a specific requirement then a stonemason will be glad to help you, please contact us.

How do I buy?

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