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Expert stone construction services for your stone building - repairs, renovation, extension or conversion. Our stonemasons can build new masonry to match the style, colour and finish of the stone masonry on your existing building.

Stone masonry comes in many different styles and finishes, this is usually characteristic of the region in which it was built. Your new stonework can blend naturally with the stonework on the rest of the building and the surrounding area. This is ideal if you're the owner of a derelict stone farmhouse or cottage. Perfect for barn conversions and repairs to historic listed buildings.

The stone masonry displayed here is a small sample that exemplifies the precise nature and quality of our stonemason's skills.

So if you are looking for a stonemasonry contractor to repair, renovate or extend your natural stone building then please contact a stonemason for helpful expert advice.

We welcome any opportunity to discuss your stone construction requirements.

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Stone bay window - demolished

This old stone lodge made the news in Powburn, Northumberland. The sandstone bay window was completely demolished when a truck hit the front of the building.

Here's the new sandstone bay window the day after we finished rebuilding it.

Stone bay window - rebuild

Although the stone window was a relatively small structure this was a complex design and build contract. The sandstone had been totally demolished and removed long before we were contracted and there were no photos or drawings of what the window looked like. We used 3D computer imaging to design a new stone window and check this with the client.

It's almost impossible to tell that the window was rebuilt, the new stone masonry was artificially aged to match the existing stone building.

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