Stone masonry cleaning

Specialist chemical masonry cleaning services for sandstone, limestone, terracotta, faience and unpolished granite masonry. Cleaning and removal of dirt, moss, grease, oil, carbon, paint, graffiti, efflorescence or any form of atmospheric pollution. Significant historic and listed buildings a speciality, please contact a stonemason for helpful expert advice.

We welcome any opportunity to discuss your masonry cleaning requirements.

As an experienced stone cleaning contractor, we generally recommend chemical systems for professional and industrial brick and stone masonry cleaning.

Chemical cleaning is the most practical method for cleaning of any type of brick or stone masonry. We do not recommend abrasive cleaning systems such as sandblasting because these remove excessive amounts of material from the surface of the masonry.

We offer the following chemical cleaning methods with low to medium pressure jet water systems.

Acid based chemical cleaning

  • Sandstone
  • Brick
  • Granite (unpolished)
  • Terracotta

Alkaline based chemical cleaning

  • Limestone
  • Faience
  • Other polished or ceramic masonry

All masonry cleaning work is carried out in accordance with the british standards specification, BS 8221-1:2000 - Code of practice for cleaning and surface repair of buildings - part 1.

Registered specialist contractor number 1771
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