Stone cleaner for fireplaces, worktops and tiles

Stone cleaner suitable for interior and exterior domestic cleaning of polished and unpolished stone surfaces. This trade quality cleaning product is non hazardous and removes dirt and grime from natural stone in a single step - it also protects from dirt and wear.

Ideal for cleaning sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, slate, terracotta and travertine - fireplaces, worktops, tiles, floors and ornaments.

Thanks to its non-aggresive formula this cleaner can be used for general maintenance and will not react with minerals in the stone to form soluble salt as will normal household cleaning agents.

The cleaner is packaged in 1 litre spray bottles that are handy for domestic use but sufficient for several generous applications to your typical stone fireplace. It comes complete with instructions and technical support.


If you would like advice about the stone cleaner, cleaning stone fireplaces, granite worktops or other stone surfaces then a stonemason will be glad to help you, please contact us.

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