Lime Mortar with Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL)

Hydraulic lime mortar pre-mixed with natural english lime and quality sands and aggregates. This mortar is totally natural and does not contain additives. It is suitable for professional and competent DIY use. The material of choice for repointing and bedding brick and stone masonry where a traditional appearance is desired.

The mortar is on sale in two grades, NHL3.5 and NHL5. The NHL stands for Natural Hydraulic Lime. The 3.5 and 5 relates to the compressive strength of the lime in Newtons per square millimetre.

It is available in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg containers complete with instructions on how to mix it and technical support from our stonemasons.

The benefits of NHL mortar

Hydraulic lime is an ancient building material that has been widely used in construction for centuries. Its use declined with the introduction of OPC but the many benefits of this material have been rediscovered.

  • Traditional material that is aesthetically pleasing
  • Suitable for repair & renovation work on historic listed buildings
  • More flexible than modern cement and is less prone to cracking
  • Softer than modern cement, stones & bricks are reclaimed more easily
  • Lets walls breathe by absorbing and evaporating moisture from masonry
  • Helps protect surrounding stone & brick from salt and frost damage


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How do I buy?

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